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Emerging in the 1970s, prog rock was often accused of being overly technical, too elaborate, not focused on its audience and often in danger of disappearing up it’s own a***.One could argue that the service and experience space is starting to exhibit some of the same characteristics namely it’s in danger of becoming overly technical, benchmarked, frameworked, measured, codified, certified, specialized and functionalized etc etc. Punk exploded out of the back of prog rock with it’s democratic, DIY, back to basics approach that inspired both a cultural and musical movement and change in mindset. It dared to be different and was OK with the fact that not everyone liked that. So, is it time to consider what a punk rock version of CX would look and feel like, particularly given that many reports suggest that around 70% of customer experience projects fail to deliver on their promises? If so, what would that look and feel like?Adrian Swinscoe in his new book ‘Punk CX', tackles some of these questions and shares some key insights and practical takeaways that will allow you harness your inner punk and transform your own customer experience.Some of the endorsements that Punk CX has received:"Be courageous. Be political. Be you. In Punk CX, Adrian Swinscoe makes the point superbly, marrying form and function effing well.” - Minter Dial, speaker, award-winning filmmaker and author of Futureproof and Heartificial Empathy“If you’re looking for the usual style of business book, this is not it! Honestly, that’s a good thing. There are times when people need something pithier and perhaps a little more in-your-face to make them stand up and take notice. This book is just that. Adrian asks the tough questions in a no-bullshit kind of way that slaps you upside the head and begs the question, “Seriously, what are you really doing about the customer experience?” - Annette Franz, Founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc“One look at this book and you know you’re in for an experience. It’s stylish, important, convenient, brave, funny, loud and fun. Not what you would expect from a business book about customer experience! Loved it!” - Shep Hyken, customer service/experience expert and New York Times bestselling author“In his new book, Adrian Swinscoe takes a deeply humanistic and thoughtfully critical look at the discipline of Customer Experience. His writing urges us to think of customers as people first and only then consider technology, methodology, process, and all the trendy and increasingly meaningless CX and UX jargon and clichés. Adrian’s latest work is f’ing brilliant and I am jealous that I did not come up with such a novel idea and fun and engaging execution. I will be re-reading it for some time to come.” - Alexander Genov, Head of Customer Research, Zappos “Practical tips, inspiring insights and interviews with a simple message: Humans First. Make sure people know they matter. Cx=Ex” - Carrie Duarte, Workforce of the Future Leader at PwC "A beautifully designed book, full of fresh and provocative ideas to challenge your thinking” - Richard Shotton, Head of Behavioural Science at MG OMD and author of The Choice Factory.

  • Released: February 24, 2020
  • Author: Adrian Swinscoe
  • Rating: 5
  • Publisher: Ebook Digital Agent
  • Total Page: 250 pages
  • File Size: 20000 KB

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